culturd™ connects Dietitians with clients based on culture

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match with dietitians based on your culture

JOINTLY create a cuSTOMIZED NUTRITION plan or service

For Dietitians

culturd™ welcomes you to a community of diverse dietitians that are matched to clients looking for specific cultural nutrition expertise

  • Create a customized presence for your business on the cultuRD platform
  • Get notified when you show up in a potential client’s match results
  • Reach out to clients who may be matches for your specialized services

Step 1

Create a profile that incorporates elements of culture that influence your life

Step 2

Our specialized algorithm is designed to deliver optimal client/Dietitian matches

Step 3

Explore and communicate within the app to jointly determine services to be provided

for clients

culturd™ matches you, the client, with culturally-aligned dietitians most capable of helping you reach your nutritional goals

  • Connect with Dietitians , the only food and nutrition experts able to provide targeted nutrition care using medical nutrition therapy
  • Include relevant factors in your profile like cultural cuisines, languages, and religion
  • It only takes a few minutes to sign up and start searching – for free!

About Us

Cofounded by a Registered Dietitian, culturd recognizes the power of nutrition to transform health and overall quality of life. As first- and second-generation Americans, culturd’s founders also appreciate how culture influences every aspect of life, including traditions, communication styles, and above all else food!

We understand that nutritional guidance is not “one size fits all” and that traditional dietetic training often does not fully account for culturally diverse cuisines and practices. culturd seeks to bridge the gap between the demand for diverse expert nutrition guidance and the supply of that expertise tailored to an individual’s culture.

The culturd app employs a proprietary matching algorithm that creates culturally-aligned connections between dietitians and clients.

Get The Dietitian That Gets You

The desire to eat healthy shouldn’t require sacrificing your cultural connection. Let culturd’s connections allow you to maintain yours.

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